Quick Click Entry System


No longer will customers with RVs or large commercial vehicles be forced to exit their vehicle to key in a passcode or swipe an access card.  They simply pull up to the gate and use the transmitter on their keychain.  Their unique transmitter code is sent back to the WinSen Property Sentinel software where their access attempt is validated and recorded in the site activity logs.


  • Perfect for RV and large commercial vehicles
  • One click of small keychain
  • Transmitter logs customers in and out of facility
  • Configurable gate access hours, which include: special weekend & holiday hours
  • Real-time / on-screen gate activity display
  • Built-ln interface to Sentinel’s management software
  • Extensive gate activity reporting
  • High security RF operation with imbedded facility code recognition option
  • Configurable access levels for greater system security and flexibility
  • Can be easily integrated into existing Sentinel access control and alarm systems

Integrated is Better

Another fully integrated feature brought to you by Sentinel Systems.
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