WinSen Platinum Property Sentinel


  • Log into the property's access control system remotely using a VPN connection.
  • Monitor the property activity of serveral locations using a single workstation.
  • No cache of information held in memory, Platinum validates ALL activity through the database which raises the bar in reliability.
  • Owner auditing of all changes to the system configuration and tenant data.
  • Multiple communication ports are supported for additional access control systems.
  • Able to monitor and identiy multiple doors per unit.
  • Alarm and monitor building and hallway entrances.
  • Utilizes SQL Server as the database engine
  • The NEW platinum access control runs as a Windows service, meaning no personnel log in is required.
  • Offering both, current and deliquent tenant alerts
  • Instantly open gates or building doors remotely.
  • Supports non-tenant access codes.
  • Controls access to unattended sites, using static IP addresses.
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