Door Alarms


Studies show that most thefts at a Self-Storage facility are committed by renters.  Having the ability to monitor each unit on an individual basis gives you the power to protect your tenants and their valuables.  This will enable you to rent these units for $2-$5 each more per month for a 5-12% increases occupancy resulting in a substantial increase in income.

We offer various methods of securing each individual door with a hard-wired system utilizing the latest technology in door monitoring hardware.  Keep in mind that the very best time for installation is during the facility‚Äôs construction.

Each job can be custom tailored to provide you with a high level of quality and reliability.  Our door kits utilize some of the highest quality security components available on the market to help assure that your investment will stand the test of time.   Combining these elements with the expert network of Authorized Dealers to install and support our systems make Sentinel Systems the right choice for your Self Storage project.


  • Superior marketing tool
  • Over 2,000 point monitoring
  • True integration with WinSen Property Manager Software
  • Automatic arm/rearm with WinSen Sentinel Access
  • Multiple unit arm/disarm with single code
  • Multiple output relays for triggering various devices when alarms occur
  • Multiplexing of points means less cable
  • Intuitive programming menus for simple on-site changes
  • Continuous poling provides high level of system reliability
  • Perimeter beam shunting
  • Logging printer support
  • Customizable activity reporting
  • Supports normally open and normally closed switch types
  • Still the best way to secure your Investment

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