WinSen Property Manager

WinSen Property Manager is a menu driven property management system designed to run under Microsoft Windows.  It is available in “single-site” or “multiple-site” versions.  The single site version allows management of one facility.  The multiple site version is called WinSen Electronic Manager and handles multiple facilities within the same program and database.  Program setup and operation is essentially the same for both versions, with some minor differences that will be detailed when appropriate.

Rents and Monthly Charges are automatically posted by the system and a full complement of customized tenant notices are printed with a simple command by the system operator.

Opening reports are provided daily reflecting the current status of the site, identifying the actions taken by the system (rents and monthly charges posted, customer notices queued for printing, etc.), and alerting the system operator to activities that need to be accomplished that day, e.g., pre-lease deposits that are to be forfeited.

Closing reports (Daily, Monthly, and Yearly) are also automatically generated.  Weekly and Quarterly closing reports are also available on an optional basis.  Each report provides specific information about its respective period and accumulates data for the next period.  For example, the Daily Close identifies today’s activity and accumulates this same information on a month to date basis. Additional reports (e.g., Bank Deposit Log, Transaction Log, etc.), can be designated to print along with the appropriate Close.

WinSen Property Manager provides you with powerful, flexible report generating and data export capabilities.  The system comes with a full set of predefined “on-demand” reports which can be printed, viewed in a window or scheduled to print after the Rental Office Closes.  If the standard reports don’t give you all the information you want, you have the ability to define your own reports, using the Crystal Reports Program.  The system can export information to a variety of other formats, for example to a spreadsheet program, word processor, database program, etc.

Complete histories are maintained on all current tenants and can be accessed on the computer screen for review.  Histories can also be printed in total or on a transaction by transaction basis.  When a customer is moved out, tenant histories will be retained in the system.  Optionally, the tenant history can be printed for the site files on moveout.

The system will print Lease, Pre-Lease and Transfer Agreements (or fill in the blanks on your pre-printed Agreements) as well as detailed receipts for each transaction.  Multiple copies of the receipts can be printed if the facility desires to maintain a copy.  In addition, a given receipt can be reprinted at any time.

Taxes, if applicable, are automatically calculated and posted on any of the revenue accounts according to your local regulations.  The system will automatically “pro-rate” recurring charges on move-ins, transfers and move-outs.  The system operator can accept or change pro-rated amounts per the operational guidelines at the site.

A full Lien Process is included in the system allowing you to print lien notices, maintain unit inventory, record auction information, etc.  All information regarding your facility database can be changed on-site by individuals having the appropriate passwords.  This includes your notices, tax rates, unit mix, unit rates, system passwords, etc.

Rate Changes are easily scheduled and accomplished on-site.  Rate change notices can be printed in advance and multiple rate changes can be queued for processing at different times.  Many options are available, e.g., changing rates on only vacant units, raising rates automatically after a set amount of time, raising rates only on units that meet a specific criteria, etc.

The Late Charge and Notice process can be easily arranged to meet the needs of your facility.  In addition, you can selectively exclude a tenant from late charges and/or notices.  Late charges can be assessed on a fixed amount or on a percentage of the rent basis, or a specified amount per day.  Billing statements can be automatically printed for selected tenants.

The system can be setup to automatically process credit card payments.

If you have a digital camera or scanner, you can associate digitized pictures with a tenant, or with a unit.

Special Features

The WinSen Property Manager system contains many special features which enhance the capability of the software and assist the Manager or Operator in running the system. A few of these features are:

Inventory Control: the system has inventory control capability built in.  You can keep track of any number of inventory items: how many were sold, how many are on hand, and so on.  Inventory items are linked to one or more inventory accounts, giving you complete control over how much or how little inventory detail is to be printed on the closing reports.

Monthly Charges: An unlimited number of accounts can be used to identify recurring charges which will be charged on a monthly basis in addition to the rent.  These accounts can be specified by the site, changed at anytime, and appropriate tax is calculated along with the basic charge.

Misc. Charges: An unlimited number of accounts can be used to handle “one time” charges, e.g., the sale of locks, packing materials, etc.  These can be specified by the site and the appropriate tax will be calculated.

Misc. Credits: An unlimited number of accounts can be used for processing any credits the site requires, e.g., coupons, discounts, etc.

Printing Lease Agreements: The system has the capability to “fill-in the blanks” on your pre- printed Lease Agreements.  Any variable data captured during the move-in process (e.g., tenant name, address, unit number, rate, etc.) can be printed directly by the system.

Customer Receipts: The system can generate one or more printed receipts for your customer, detailing the transaction just completed.  Additional receipts can also be generated for the site.

Rate Charge Methods: The system has six rate charge methods which can be used: Anniversary, First of the Month, 28 Day Cycle, Second Month Prorate, By the Week, and By the Day.  You can designate the “rate charge method” for your tenants individually if need be.  For example, the majority of your tenants can be renting on a “first of the month” basis, while certain tenants can rent “by the week”.  For further information, see “Assign Tenant”
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