Prospective Tenant Management

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This new feature allows information about prospective tenants to be captured, followups to be scheduled, fully customizable followup letters and/or emails to be automatically printed, reports to be printed, and prospective tenant information to be imported into the Assign Tenant screen. Followups can automatically be done in the form of printed letters and/or e-mails to the prospective tenants, and manually done for other followup methods (e.g., phone call, information packet mailed, etc). Among others, a report is available that shows the effectiveness of the sales efforts. All Prospective Tenant Management functions are accessed from the Main menu: Prospective Tenants, Prospective Tenant Mailings, and  Prospective Tenant Reports.  The access levels for these new options are user-configurable, allowing the owner to specify who can access each of the Prospective Tenant Management options     


  • Capture prospective tenant info.
  • Schedule contact follow ups.
  • Customizable letters and emails.
  • Import Prospects into WinSen
  • Prospect tracking reports
  • Manage Prospect mailings
  • Configurable Access Levels
  • Automatically send marketing info to prospects.

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Another fully integrated feature brought to you by Sentinel Systems.

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