OverviewSite Graphics Graphic

Site Graphics presents a visual display of your sites activity and is a valuable security marketing tool. Your manager will be in control and know the status of each unit, at a glance.  This lets your customers know that you are in control of the entire site.


  • Real time display of site info
  • Customized map of your facility
  • Display alarm status, open doors and tenant on / off site status
  • See rented, vacant, delinquent, over locked and all unit statuses as they are updated in real time
  • Select any unit to view tenant or status details
  • Multiple zoom levels
  • Easy printing capabilities
  • Can be run on second computer or monitor
  • Mult-floor image option, display each floor on its own monitor
  • Added security builds customer confidence

Integrated is Better 

Another fully integrated feature brought to you by Sentinel Systems
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